Some print ads I made.

This was for Intro to Advertising. Original logo and illustration. The assignment was to make a print ad and bag design for low carb tortillas. I believe I got a B for Bluntness. I thought it was clever. The logo is based on when you were a kid and you'd bite holes in your tortilla to make a mask and put it on your face. You didn't realize that at first, did you? See? Levels of genius. Then again, my TA was a surfer, so... I think it went over his head.

I think I made this shortly after my XP Service Pack 1 crashed my hard drive, or when my license on Microsoft Office went out. Sure I was mad then, but I don't exactly agree with the sentiment... It was so easy to do though. One of my friends made this his AIM icon.

This next group was done for a class. I call it "Truth in Advertising."