All of these logos/banners were made for personal projects. On an unrelated note, the average client satisfaction for these were beyond 100%.

Banner for my current personal webpage. Nothing too fancy, just color iterations with the ripple effect from Photoshop.

The award-winning second generation logo for the Squirrels franchise. All letters from scratch. The main changes made were turning the Z into a backwards S, and making the squirrelly S in the beginning look less like a U.

This was a collage I made in photoshop to commemorate the opening of, hereby removing any copyrighted images from UT's servers.

Again, all letters from scratch. This logo had to be cut in half and stacked to fit on the actual Holy Mole comic strips.

Century Gothic, the same font Weezer uses. But the bee and the flower were original, as well as the period behind the band name. Oh yeah, mumblebee was a band, not a comic strip.

Original lettering, this is the Chum and Mutt logo. When it's animated, the names are slightly offset, and the two U's appear as pawprints walking across the screen.

The logo for a fake company I made up for my voicemail called Austin Lemming Tours ("We show you around town, then we jump off a cliff"). Lemming is original, font is playbill.