Fidge: The Every-Squirrel. You can recognize him because he's in every strip and he's naked and has no neck. High-strung. Used to frolic about as the superhero known as the Flying Squirrel, until copyright infringements forced him to stop.
Skivvy: Born a mouse but officially a squirrel. Also naked. Best friend of Fidge. Dumber than a two-year old. Really enjoys Walmart.
Chauffeur (also credited as "Chauffer"): Sometimes acts French, other times, just wears a beret and goatee. Owns an attitude.
Roy: Accident-prone. Also lazy. Tends to be found lying on the ground as a result of either of the two. Favorite show: Scrubs. Favorite movie: doesn't have one.
Snickers: Hamster. Deranged. Often seen cohorting with Baby Chick. Suspected of voting fraud in the 2,000,000 bc elections, but got off clean based on allegations that he didn't exist yet. Jen's favorite.
Ryan: The creator, and therefore God, of this strip. Hangs around a lot. Has a high opinion of himself. And rightfully so.
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